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I grew up in Friday Harbor, WA, and went to school at UBC Vancouver where I received a BSN in 2003. Now I'm a nurse at Children & Women's Health Center of BC. I wish I could tell you I went clubbing every night after work, but those days are pretty much behind me. My boyfriend is a bit of a gamer, but I'm not fond of battles & killing stuff, so I rarely join him. Sometimes I play Second Life instead: it's fun to unleash my inner cheerleader! :)

Three: Wow, Look at Marmaduke's Tan! He's Radioactive!

This is my third post evah!! kk, not really. But it IS my third post on this blog, so that’s pretty exciting. Thanks for checking it out, I love your support!

Well, now wordpress is kind of pissing me off, why does the featured image not “feature”? It worked on “one” but my exciting, new post of “two” I tried over and over to set it and it wouldn’t “take.”

Maybe there’s a certain pixel range for it to “go” and the stuff I tried was either too big or too small and so wordpress just said, “yeah, nix that” or something? IDK. If that’s it it’d be nice if they said so somewhere. Anyway, now Zemanta wants me to dive in to the “WordPress vs Drupal” Prize Fight — hahaha. Wacky! I know!

Anyway, I wonder how many posts I need, I’m bored already. This was supposed to be a 5-minute project and now it’s taking all flippin day – uggh!

weblog op newlevel

weblog op newlevel (Photo credit: Hans on Experience)


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3 Comments on “Three: Wow, Look at Marmaduke's Tan! He's Radioactive!”

  1. susielindau April 20, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    Sometimes a glitch gets in the memory of the computer if you are using a PC. Try emptying out your cookies from the last week and try again. It might take your photo….

    • Aero Elizabeth Bowman April 20, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

      aww, thanks Susie! It turned out that the particular theme I had would only display a featured image if it was pretty wide, like 900 pixels or so I think, and I was using images that were 600 – 800 pixels wide.

      When I used bigger images, or switched themes, the featured images all appeared.



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